Welcome to the Club

Our very first flight

My name is Justine and I love to travel. I have visited over 50┬ácountries. I traveled for pleasure, I traveled for work, I traveled just because. No destination was too far or too remote. By now, you’ve probably noticed the use the the past tense. What happened to my travel filled life?

It’s not so much what happened as who: in 2016, I became a mom to a beautiful baby boy. I was determined to combine motherhood with my traveling ways. I took baby on his first plane ride when he was three months old. At ten months old, my little mister already has flown over 25,000 miles. I’ve now learned a thing or two about traveling with an infant. Oh yeah, did I mention I’m a single mom? Which means I have the privilege of hauling baby, luggage and accessories between planes, taxis and hotel rooms.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and on the way, pick up a few tips on traveling with a baby. If you’re ready for adventure then welcome to the Baby Travel Club.