Welcome to the Baby Travel Club

All about traveling with your most precious cargo

For all you travel lovers out there, parenthood does not have to mean that you are now and forever grounded at home (at least until your child is old enough to behave). This blog hopes to show you that being a mom or dad does not spell the end of your travel dreams.

To the uninitiated, traveling with a baby sounds daunting, especially if you’re a single parent or parent traveling alone. We’ve all seen (and heard) the nightmare scenarios of babies that cry the entire duration of a transatlantic flight, a mother weighed down by mountains of luggage, babies spitting up (or worse) on a parent mid-flight, lost luggage, confiscated strollers, and the list goes on.

Many parents are scared of taking their children on faraway vacations and their trepidation is understandable. When it comes to traveling with a baby, the sky isn’t always friendly. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Vacationing as a family enriches children’s education, exposes them to different foods, people and places and most of all, creates beautiful memories with mom and/or dad.

Convinced? If so, I’m here to offer a few tips to make your journey with baby (a lot) less painful. I also hope you will follow my adventures as I introduce my baby to the wide and beautiful world.

I’m the single mom of a beautiful baby boy who I’ve traveled with, alone, since he was a few days shy of four months old. So far we’ve taken two trips to Europe, one to the West Coast of the USA and several shorter flights to Canada and Washington, D.C. I’ve learned many things since that first flight with Baby. I hope you will find my blog both useful and inspirational.